Need help finding the missing piece to your organizational puzzle?

Hire Wages can help.

Each search consultant and recruiter at Hire Wages has spent numerous years becoming an expert in their respected field, all with the goal of serving you better. Rather than changing industries to capitalize on shifting markets, our consultants and recruiters purposely dedicate themselves to becoming experts in one. Allowing them to develop the knowledge and relationships you need to connect with top professionals.

Our Process

Each candidate we represent has been rigorously screened. For every one hundred applicants, we choose to represent only an average of five. This thorough vetting approach combined with a dedicated focus on your company’s culture allows us to streamline your hiring process with the talent you deserve.

Our approach is based on a 24-step methodology that quickly identifies which key candidates are likely to provide the greatest impact to your business. Our process does not end when you have hired a candidate. We are committed to helping you on-board and retain talent. Our goal is to build relationships that facilitate long term partnerships. For us it is not about completing a single transaction, but about finding a long-term solution.

What We Offer

Contingency Recruitment
We offer contingency recruitment services, meaning we provide you with the entirety of our resources and experience but you only pay upon placement of a successful candidate.
Temporary Placement Services
Located in Dallas and focused on the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, we understand the temporary staffing needs of our community, and we have the resources to exceed expectations.
Permanent/Temp To Hire Services
Our service is designed to deliver talented professionals with the flexibility to satisfy your temporary staffing needs and the commitment to transition into a permanent role.
Personality Testing
The right personality is just as important with your company’s culture as the right skill set. If you would like to take that extra step, we can offer a unique profile test tailored for your company to find the talent that truly fits.
Software Skills Testing
We extensively screen potential candidates, going beyond the perfunctory resume review. As part of our service, we can test them directly to determine their proficiency with a variety of pertinent software’s your company may use.
Background Checks and Drug Screening
If your company requires a background check or drug screen before deciding on a new hire, don’t worry, it’s part of our service. Our partnerships allow us to perform most any type of search or screen you may need.

A free no-obligation discussion about your hiring needs
A recruiting team with over 30 years of experience

Looking for a new hire is a stressful, time-consuming and risky endeavor. Hire Wages removes that burden. If you’re interested in finding better talent with less headache, connect with Hire Wages today.